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Jacinta D'Souza - cookie maker

“On days when warmth is the most important need of the human heart, the kitchen is the place you can find it.” E.B. White

When I was growing up, my favorite time of day was coming home from school to the warmth and smells of the kitchen. All my friends from the neighborhood would mysteriously ‘show up’ around the same time because they knew my mom would always have a freshly baked batch of cookies waiting.

My siblings and I have many happy memories of those times spent in the kitchen chatting over cookies and tea. Mom always had several tins of cookies in the kitchen and she gave all her kids a love for food and particularly for baking. Over the years she and I tried out and perfected dozens, maybe hundreds of delicious recipes.

Today, I want to share the comfort and enjoyment of home-made cookies with all of you. I use the same old- fashioned baking skills that I learned in my mom’s kitchen to provide you with preservative-free cookies made with all natural ingredients. Order a box today and start making traditions and memories in your own home.

– Jacinta

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