€ 7.50 per box of 200g

1. Classic chocolate chip (200 g 12-14 cookies)
Crunchy on the outside, chewy in the middle with huge chunks of dark Belgian chocolate

Classic cookie

2. White chocolate & cashew crunch (200 g 12-14 cookies)
Big white chocolate chunks together with crunchy cashews

White chocolate and cashew crunch

3. Black & white (200 g 12-14 cookies)
Rich dark chocolate cookie with chunks of white chocolate

Black an White cookies

4. Milk chocolate & hazelnut (200 g 12-14 cookies)
Buttery brown sugar cookie with chunks of milk and hazelnut chocolate

Milk chocolate and hazelnut cookie

5. M & M
This cookie, made with m&ms, is an instant hit with the kids

M and M cookie


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€ 7.50 per box of 200g (12-14 cookies)